Rotary International

 Rotary International’s mission is to support member clubs so that they can achieve the Object of Rotary:

  • Foster the unity between member clubs
  • Strengthen and extend Rotary in the world
  • Communicate Rotary’s work globally
  • Offer an international administrative system

Rotary Foundation

Rotary International’s foundation was set up in 1917 as an endowment fund. In the 1928 Convention, it was called the Rotary Foundation. In 1931 it was set up as a trust and in 1983, it became a not-for-profit organization in accordance with the laws of the state of Illinois, USA. Rotary International’s Rotary Foundation is a body with an educational and philanthropic purpose. Rotary Foundation has a council to manage the trust, one that is subject to the regulations set out in the Foundation’s constitution. The Rotary Foundation’s regulations and the articles regarding its constitution are in the eighth part of the present manual.

Rotary Foundation’s mission is to support the work of Rotary International as it works to achieve its Objects, Rotary’s mission and global understanding of peace via local, national and international humanitarian, educational and cultural programmes.

In specific terms, Rotary’s Directive and its trustees have committed to reach the goals of ending polio with the Polio Plus programme, strengthening and giving importance to cultural and educational programmes which in turn strengthen goodwill and understanding, grant humanitarian subsidies worldwide, and extend the scope of programmes that try to stabilise peaceful relations between people.

34,000 Rotary Clubs worldwide, representing 1,200,000 active members, work to make these objectives a reality.

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