Rotary Club Of Menorca

Founded on May 19th, 1985, the club is a member of Rotary International.

It is club number 12,621, part of Rotary International, and belongs to District 2203 in Rotary Spain, situated in Zone 8 (Balearic Islands).

Members: There are currently 19 members (see ‘Social Structure‘)

Twinned clubs:

  • Rotary Club Decano, Barcelona
  • Rotary Club of Saint Augustine, Florida, USA
  • Rotary Club of Worcestershire, UK
  • Rotary Club of Montpellier-Maguelone, France

Rotary International is an association of Rotary Clubs across the globe, formed of entrepreneurs and business professionals who offer humanitarian service, encouraging members to put high levels of ethics into practice in every occupation, and contributing to the development of good will and peace in the world. Rotary Clubs are members of Rotary International, and meet the requirements set out in Rotary’s statutes.

Rotarians are members of these clubs, and they are also members of Rotary International.

Rotary Intetnational:

  • Supports Rotary International’s Clubs and Districts with the development of projects and activities that promote Rotary’s Object
  • Encourage, foster, promote and control Rotary’s role in the globe
  • Coordinate and direct Rotary International’s general activities.

Rotary Club Menorca & Internet:

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