Nuestros Proyectos


During the four years of World War I the German ship Mathilde had to seek shelter in Mahon Harbour. The crew, far away from home and their families, was taken in by the residents of the island. At the end of the War the Germans that managed to go back to their country passed on to their families their gratitude to Menorca.


Almost 100 years later Maria, the ship’s captain Waldemar Herrmbrodt’s niece, together with her husband Irwin Scollar decided to show their gratitude by donating, with also other people’s contributions, a superb set of 8 German bells of great musical and cultural value. Sadly at the moment the bells are on the floor, silent waiting for funding to be installed on the belfry, on a specially designed wooden framework.

This is the reason why the Rotary Club Menorca is promoting the “campaña para las campanas” ( a play on words that means campaign for the bells). In order to restore the tower to install the bells we need to raise a significant amount of euros. Please help us to fill up our “piggy bank” in the name of Menorcan culture and Rotary International and let the bells be heard in Menorca.


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